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Seat Belts Save Lives

Seat belts save lives and NHTSA provides national leadership in planning and developing traffic injury control safety programs in the areas of seat belts, child car seat use, and automatic occupant protection systems (e.g., air bags).

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Latest Reports  

  • Effectiveness of Child Passenger Safety Information for the Safe Transportation of Children (DOT HS 812 245)  
    Parents and caregivers struggle to comply with child passenger safety (CPS) recommendations, and frequently make mistakes when choosing and installing restraints. This project developed and tested ways to frame CPS recommendations and determined how to best communicate them. In a randomized experiment, 300 parents viewed one of four flyers or a no-education control version. The flyers communicated the same CPS recommendations but used different emphasis frames. A second randomized experiment let 240 parents view one of four flyers about CPS recommendations (1) alone, (2) with installation tips, (3) with normative information, or (4) with installation tips and normative information. For both studies, participants responded to computerized pre-post surveys that measured CPS knowledge, attitudes, perceptions of efficacy and risk, and behavioral intentions.
  • Motor Vehicle Occupant Protection Facts (Children/Youth/Young Adults)
    DOT HS 812 215

    This booklet is updated from the 2008 edition, and has occupant protection data and facts about children (newborns to age 7), youth (8 to 15 years old), and young adults 16 to 20. It has three sections: general information on the need for and importance of promoting occupant restraint use for children, youth, and young adults; occupant protection facts specific to children and youth, and facts for and about young adults; and findings from NHTSA's Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Surveys on self-reported behavior, attitudes, and opinions about seat belt use and laws.
  • Summary of Vehicle Occupant Protection and Motorcycle Laws  
    This publication provides summary charts of the key provisions of State occupant protection and motorcycle laws, and detailed lists of these laws in every State, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Such laws include requiring the use of (1) seat belts, (2) child passenger restraint devices (child car seats and booster seats), and (3) motorcycle or bicycle helmets. Also included are laws concerning age restrictions for motorcycle passengers and laws that prohibit riding in the bed of a pickup truck. Except as noted, the State laws reported are current as of November 15, 2013.

Research on Seat Belts
& Occupant Protection

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