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Washington State Traffic Safety Commission billboard

 Washington (State) Traffic Safety Commission school zone speed limit campaigns billboard.

Practical Application for Administrative and Coalition Efforts

Traffic safety practitioners have identified processes and activities that can help communities build strong and sustainable traffic safety coalitions. Together these processes and activities help to expedite a community's buy-in and ownership of local problems needed to create successful countermeasures to mitigate traffic-related injuries.

Administrative Processes

Coalition processes
Processes at the administrative level will help
identify stakeholders, volunteers, funding types,
local data (geographic, demographic, injury and cost),
and other resources.

Coalition Activities

Community traffic safety programs wheel

Activities provided by the practitioners are
tried-and-true best practices from the field
for all NHTSA's traffic safety programs.

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Fresh Ideas
Fresh Ideas

Fresh ideas provides coalitions with the opportunity to share successful campaigns and products. These shared ideas give others the ability to put projects on a fast track to success because the work is already done and are easily customized, as well as offers a significant cost savings.  

Van Wraps
Clackamas County Oregon Van Wraps

The Library Information Network delivery van features two messages: “Ride Safely While You Read” and the Disney-theme “4’ 9” is the Magic Number. Contributed by Clackamas County Oregon Safe Communities. Contact Clackamas Safe Communities or call Patti McMillan at 503-742-4661. This example of public awareness and education was provided by NHTSA Region 10. 

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