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Latest Issue:
arrowMarch 2014
  - NHTSA Launches New Community Traffic Safety Resource Center
  - Webinar Series Hosts Participants from 10 Regions
  - Resource Center Highlight
  - Upcoming Events & Regional Liaisons Contact Information


Past issues of  Building Safe Communities newsletters
  • 2013

      • August 2013
        NHTSA Administrator Strickland launches Heat Stroke campaign, pedestrian issues and more.
      • March 2013
        Read about coalitions in the news, shared best practices and more.
      • April 2013
        Learn what coalitions are doing in NHTSA Region 8.
      • May 2013
        See what coalitions and partners are doing for the nationwide Seat Belt Mobilization.
  • 2012

  • 2011

      • November 2011
        What's going on in NHTSA Region 5 Edition
        This edition features the success stories of the NHTSA's Region 5 coalitions and partners in Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota.

      • June 2011
        A Look at First Responders Edition
        This edition of the Building Safe Communities newsletter focuses on enforcement and justice services, GHSA, Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

        Building Safe Communities Summer Edition
        In this edition focus is given to heatstroke, pedestrians and bicycles, teen drivers and the National Center for Statistical Analysis (NCSA) web site improvements.

  • 2010 - 2008

      • November 2010
        Building Safe Communities Winter Edition
        With devastating crashes involving 15-passenger vans, this issue provides a warning to the public on the dangers including tire hazards. It also looks at the 2009 fatality and injury report, Distraction Summit and more.
      • May 2010
        Building Safe Communities Spring Edition
        NHTSA welcomes its new administrator, distracted driving, resources, NOYS Awards submission request, car seat recall, AAA Senior Driving, develop a pedestrian safety action plan and more.
      • November 2009
        Building Safe Communities Winter Edition
        U.S. Transportation Secretary on Distracted Driving, NSC calls ban on cell phone use while driving, seat belt us at 84 percent, “Enduring Regret” a documentary on poor choices involving impaired driving and more.
      • August 2009
        What's going on in NHTSA Region 8 Edition
        In this edition on NHTSA Region 8, we take a look at the Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and North Dakota DOT’s Safe Communities programs and campaigns.
      • May 2009
        What's going on in NHTSA Region 10 Edition
        This issue of Building Safe Communities highlights Region 10 coalitions and partners, President Obama promotes free community development tools, veterans’ safe driving initiative and more.
      • December 2008
        Building Safe Communities Winter Edition
        As State’s gather data about crashes, injuries and fatalities, NHTSA’s State Traffic Safety Information (STSI) is a valuable tool with demographics, data on motorcycles, impaired driving and seat belts

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