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Florida Community Traffic Safety Team
Florida Community Traffic Safety Team

The Who, What, and Where in Traffic Safety

These resources allow community traffic safety members to stay connected with each other and with members via a nationwide directory maintained by the Region liaisons. Web sites and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow interactivity to share and learn more. Visit the Community Traffic Safety Contact Us page if you would like your community to stay Connected.

These community traffic safety links are generated from the latest database of coalitions and partners collected from the NHTSA regions and web sites developed by these organizations.

The list include the Coalitions and Partners Directory, coalition web sites and social media links.


Coalition and Partner Directory Coalition web site links Coalition social media links
Coalitions and Partners Directory Coalition's Web Sites Traffic Safety Social Media
  Building coalitions
  Processes and activities
  Sustaining coalitions
  Contact us
  State coalitions and links
  Multicultural organizations
  NHTSA regions
  National partners
Town Square
  Fresh ideas  
  Coalition activities  
  Webinars and training 
Product Shop
  NHTSA calendar of events
  NHTSA campaign materials
  NHTSA materials catalog
  NHTSA image library
  Community toolkit
  Resource Library
  "Parents Central" portal
  "Safety In Numbers" newsletters


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