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Florida District7 Walk Wise Workshop

Florida CTST District 7 Walk Wise Workshop

Webinar Opportunities
Webinars offer on-line training and way to share lessons learned at little to no cost. Participants sign-up and call in at a pre-determined time and can listen live and submit questions, or listen at a later time.

The Community Traffic Safety Resource Center is exploring the use of webinars now and in the near future. Feel free to offer ideas for topic areas and yourself or others to serve as speakers. E-mail us or contact Paula Bawer at

Webinar I: “Tips for Navigating & Using the Web Site as a Practical Resource Tool”

This was our very first webinar and introduced the revised web site for the Community Traffic Safety Resource Center. This webinar covered the following topics:
    • Practical and relevant “how to” resource information
    • Navigating the new Community Traffic Safety Web site
    • Accessing key information
    • Using resource information to efficiently communicate with stakeholders

     Webinar 1 | Questions and Answers

Webinar II: “How to Build & Sustain a Coalition to Achieve Long Term Success”

This webinar included presenters from representing NHTSA Regions 4, 5 and 6 including Florida’s DOT Community Traffic Safety, Ohio's Stark County Sheriff's office and Texas DOT Traffic Safety office. Presenters covered the following topics:
    • Achieving success with tried and true coalition practices
    • Recruiting a committed volunteer base
    • Engaging and sustaining your coalitions
    • Tracking and evaluating your coalitions for success

The webinar is available for viewing. Please review the Q&A session to answer your practical questions to assist you in building and sustaining your coalition.

     Webinar II | Questions and Answers | About the Presenters 


Training Opportunities
Training is offered by State Highway Safety Offices and various established traffic safety coalitions to help build and keep coalitions engaged. Check with your State Highway Safety Office to learn where the nearest training opportunities are available.

There are many organizations that offer online training, materials you can download or events to participate in such as annual boot camp workshops. Two organizations that we have identified are the Coalition Institute by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) and the University of Kansas Community Toolbox. You can also use your search engine to find more coalition training opportunities on the Web.

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