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Recipes collected from coalitions and partners for holiday non-alcoholic beverages.

Fresh Ideas from the Regions

Creating new projects for community events can be timely, expensive and even unsuccessful. Having access to tried-and-true projects that are cost effective and have a successful track record saves time and energy otherwise spent on research and development. Fresh Ideas is about sharing and helping others to access many projects related to traffic safety. Region 4 shared their "Mocktails" recipe books with us for your reuse and enjoyment.

These recipes for non-alcoholic beverages were contributed by multiple partners. A mocktails event is a successful project usually performed during the Fourth of July, Christmas and New Year's holiday seasons. Creating non-alcoholic beverages is a big hit for many coalitions and partners and actually includes major competition for best drinks, table and booth displays. From these mocktail events, recipes are shared, collected, and published for distribution free of charge to the community.

These recipe books have gone viral and can requested from Region 4 program manager Belinda Jackson.


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